Presenting the Mc-Marriage Burger at your nearest McDonalds!

25 06 2008

Will we soon see posters for the McMarriage burger? Only £1.99 at a store near you? Probably given the latest news that a couple from Cornwall in England went straight from their wedding ceremony to a McDonalds before heading on to the wedding reception. WTF?

Apparently the bride disliked buffet food but surely given that it was her wedding she could have arranged food that she actually liked!?

The response from McDonalds was hilarious. Check it out: “We all know that weddings can be stressful and we’re glad that the simple good value and great taste of our food can take some of the hassle out of the special day.” Mmm…yes perhaps the next generation of fast food addicts will make a stop at Maccy D’s on the church. I mean on your wedding day you dress up, surround yourself by your nearest and dearest and then what….cheapen the experience by a trip to a burger joint? Someone should have given the bride a good breakfast!

Amazingly this is not the first bridal party tucking into a Big Mac! A Welsh couple in 2002 had their wedding reception at McDonalds to save money, spending only £136.87 for the food and drinks for 33 guests! As Ireland is apparently heading into a recession should we expect to see bridal parties ahead of us in the drive thru’s? How far is too far when it comes to saving a few pennies and surely there are some days that should be special (i.e. not a McFlurry is sight!), regardless of budget.