Congratulations on your public urination!

18 06 2008

If I copped a squat on a bridge in broad daylight and let the rivers of Urino flow would you frown upon me; shout at me; call the men in white coats; OR would you smile approvingly and tell me what a great person I am?

I know one of my recent posts took a mini-jibe at parents so pardon me for a second jibe in quick succession- Today on my way home from work a mother stopped her kid (large and talking so I estimate the child was about 3) on a bridge, pulled down her pants and let her pee. Now I know when you gotta go you gotta go, but in the middle of a footpath on a bridge? When you could walk for 30 seconds more and use a toilet? When you could turn around and walk for 10 seconds and pee behind a bush off the road? Just don’t get it. I looked at the mother with a look which was a concoction of shock and disapproval and she smiled and told the child she was great!

What age do you have to be for public urination to be unacceptable? 5? 10? 25? Why do some parents feel like they can do what they like just because they’ve a kid?