Ireland not ready for Gay Marriage

27 06 2008

In a radio interview this morning on Newstalk’s Breakfast Show, a Fianna Fail Senator (name escapes me now) stated that she supported the proposed Bill on Civil Partnership which would give equal rights to gay couples in terms of inheritance tax, taxation, etc. However she stated emphatically that she did not support gay marriage because Ireland wasn’t ready for gay marriage. (!)!)!)

This comes off the back of a report in today’s Irish Times which reveals that a group of Fianna Fail TDs and Senators put forward a motion demanding nothing should be included in the Bill which would in any way lessen the “special status” enjoyed by heterosexual marriage under the Constitution. Apparently 30 individuals have signed this motion which is being spearheaded by Senator Jim Walsh. In typical cowardly worm fashion the Senator was “did not return calls from the Times last night”. Too busy out sharpening his pitchfork. Cretin.

This almost put me off my morning coffee….My problems:

  1. If Ireland “isn’t ready” for gay marriage what facts do they have to support this. The majority of our EU counterparts have had civil partnership laws for gay couples for years now. We are behind the times already. How long more must we wait and who decides when we’re ready…Fianna Fail? It’s attitudes like this that gives people outside Ireland the perception that we are all going around saying “top of the morning to ya laddy” and leaving our thatched cottages via horse and cart in the mornings for a hard day toiling in the fields. The Irish Government should be focusing on getting Ireland out of recession mode rather that wasting resources debating and delaying a Bill which should have been passed years ago.
  2. If there is any debate around this issue it should be why doesn’t Ireland take a leading stance in Europe on this issue as it did with the Smoking Ban and move to give same sex couples TRULY equal rights and bring in same sex marriage…no doubt Senator Walsh would burst a vessel at the thoughts of such folly!
  3. It’s a miracle I got to work unscathed this morning as I was blinded from the light emitted from the halo’s of all the heterosexuals with “special status”. Could a more derogatory phrase have been used? I don’t think so. This demotes same-sex couples to a standing below the general populous and thus is a deeply prejudiced remark. Where are all the other politicians. Why has no-one spoken out against such comments. Surely it would be an ideal opportunity for Opposition Parties to earn some brownie points?

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An incitement to ram?

17 06 2008

Baby on BoardI’ve never been much of a morning person- On a good day I might manage a couple of grunts or nods pre-10am. Driving to work this morning, bobbing and weaving between the non-indicating, kamakaze nose pickers, I was taken aback by the number of people sporting “baby on board” signs on their rear windows.

The driver of the baby-wagon in front of me captured my attention as she proceeded to crawl along the motorway, hugging the white line between two lanes as if a tram on a rail, delaying my progress significantly (I’m supposed to be almost at work by the time Newstalk’s Ger Gilroy starts talking sports!). I found myself staring at her “baby on board” sign with rage wondering what the frig was the point of it. Are you supposed to pause before ramming the car and reconsider your actions as..uh oh…there’s a baby on board? Or is it just another way for proud breeders to highlight their virility?…”yes that’s right WE have a baby and it’s in the car with us”. No, apparently the sign’s origins lie in urban legend….tragic car crash…signs put in place to alert rescue workers to the presence of a baby….mmm…still think their bad drivers way of detering agression!