Stress Busting Sat-Nav Senses Traffic Jams

2 07 2008

Researchers from the University of Portsmouth have announced they’re working a sat-nav system which informs motorists of traffic jams along their route.

The in-car navigation system can sense traffic build up from up to 10 miles away by using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to interpret live traffic info shared between vehicles which have a special GPS installed.

The system, of course has a needlessly confuffled name- CADRE- “Congestion Avoidance Dynamic Routing Engine”. Drivers will be able to keep their stress levels down as the sat-nav will flag alternative routes to help you avoid the traffic jams where possible.
CADRE may be on the shelves in 18 months time. I am sooo going to be at the top of the queue for this gizmo and I’d imagine I’ll have plenty of company. A recent survey revealed that people in Dublin spend an average of 55 minutes commuting to work. I barely spend 25 minutes on my way to work and it’s about as much as I could take. I thought a vein in my forehead was going to pop this morning…I’m sure this gadget will add a good five years onto my life expectancy!

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