Atkins Diet,South Beach Diet,Smoothie Diet-the Monkey Diet?

2 07 2008

Diet culture has really taken a hold- Atkins Diets, celebrity yo-yo dieters, size zero….we hear these stories every day and magazines around the world fly off the shelves as we flock to look at pictures of celebrities oozing out of their bathing suits or looking “too thin” at some event somewhere. Many people look for that miracle diet…the one that impacts in no way on their daily lives but yet they wake up after just a few weeks, look in the mirror and step back agast- “Holy Shit. After just 6 weeks I look like Cheryl Cole!”.

Overweight Japanese Monkey\'s

50 Rhesus monkeys at Ohama park in Osaka have been put on a strict diet after they’d been putting weight on steadily over the past few years as a result of overeating. Some of the poor little things became so fat they couldn’t move around (if they were human they would already be featuring in an emotional rollercoaster documentary on the Discovery Channel).

I found these images really upsetting…I mean surely the zoo keepers would be aware that the park visitors were throwing food to the animals and could have taken precautions before the situation became so grave. People visiting such animal parks should really get a clue…I mean if you saw this monkey (above) would you throw it a banana?

The monkeys calorie intake has now been cut by around 60% in efforts to help them to shed the poundage. [ As an aside if human’s can have “baby fat”…what would the monkey equivalent be? Also baby fat??]

So how long before people around the globe write letters to the Japanese Park to find out what they fed their monkey’s in order for them to shed their excess weight? I can see the Oprah show now….”How I lost 6 stone and got my life back on the Monkey Diet”.

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