British Minister of Defence under pressure to launch UFO Inquiry

26 06 2008

The crew of a police helicopter and military personnel in South Wales claim to have seen thirteen “amazing craft” in the sky. As a result the British Minister of Defence is under increasing pressure to launch a full scale inquiry into the incident.

This makes sense…you’re an alien zig-zagging your way around the Galaxy. You pass over our World. ‘Where will I check out today?’…Paris…the pyramids in Egypt…mmm…I know…Wales. You see whizz over Charlotte Church’s farm and see she’s preggers again. Wow! What spacetastic news…of course you’re going to call your mates to come check this out…???

The Ministry of Defence have confirmed today that a corporal on guard duty at Tern Hill Barracks near Shropshire, captured footage of the alleged UFO’s on his mobile phone on the 7th of June. This footage is now being examined by experts.

UFO footage taken by soldier in South Wales

There have been claims that what was actually seen were chinese lanterns (???- don’t look like lanterns to me!) but this has been discounted by former UFO expert at the Ministry of Defence, Nick Pope: “If they were balloons or Chinese lanterns, it’s highly unlikely they’d form a shape like that. One option is that we’re actually seeing lights attached to the underside of a vast craft”.

UFO experts believe that the fact that well respected members of the military have reported these latest sightings, will add greater credence to the claims and thus are stating this incident is “particularly significant”. Nick Pope appears to be in agreement as he expressed the belief that “something quite extaordinary does seem to be going on in British airspace at the moment”. He also called on the Government to act saying: “There has got to be an official inquiry into all this and we need a senior air force officer to take personal charge and oversee the inquiry”.

This will no doubt open the floodgates with every Tom, Dick and Harry claiming to have seen alien craft!