Is commitment the new aphrodisiac?

24 06 2008

Gay, straight- everyone has got the commitment bug and all are hoisting up their white dresses (or suits as the case may be), and legging it full throttle to the altar. I was chatting to a friend last night and realised that, from a quick review of our circle of friends, three people under 25 years old have gotten engaged in the past two months. I am a firm believer in the fact that the only reason you should run to a church is if you’re being chased by a pack of angry villager complete with pitch forks and are seeking refuge! However it seems like I’m in the minority here.

The most recent statistics from Ireland’s Central Statistics Office (CSO) reveal that the number of marriages has been increasing steadily. In 1996 16,174 people tied the noose knot. This figure had risen to 21,841 in 2006. Of course these figures can be linked to an increase in the population over the same period but I wonder what other factors are having an effect here?

I doubt it’s coincidence that the marriage rate has increased since 1996. The year before, in 1995, there was a referendum on divorce in Ireland and divorce was finally introduced in the State in 1997. There seems to have been a shift in attitudes relating to marriage since- Older singletons are waving their hands in the air like they just don’t care, shouting from the rooftops that being single is fabulous and that marriage stifles the spirit. Meanwhile a growing number of young people- who you’d expect to be dating, shagging and having fun, damn the consequences and don’t mention the C word (commitment) – are actually looking to settle down earlier. Perhaps people see the “marry them and drop them” trend that’s taken hold in the world of celebrity and view marriage as being without consequence?

Wedding cartoon....happy ever after???

The number of divorced persons in Ireland increased from 35,100 to 59,500 between 2002 and 2006, an increase of 69.8 per cent, making it the fastest growing marital status category. The number of separated persons increased from 98,800 to 107,300 over the same period – up 8.6 per cent.

So for the youth of today marriage appears to no longer be a scary word and commitment no longer brings spotty youths out in a cold sweat… Having problems in your relationship? Sex life a bit drab? Want to spice things up? Can’t figure out how to unlock your girlfriend’s chastity belt? Mmm….get married…sure if it doesn’t work out we can just ‘pull a Barrymore’! And how will we plan our wedding? Pick up a copy of Ok! Magazine and take tips from Colleen McLoughlin and Wayne Rooney or grab People and take wise counsel from Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon…or not!

Congratulations on your public urination!

18 06 2008

If I copped a squat on a bridge in broad daylight and let the rivers of Urino flow would you frown upon me; shout at me; call the men in white coats; OR would you smile approvingly and tell me what a great person I am?

I know one of my recent posts took a mini-jibe at parents so pardon me for a second jibe in quick succession- Today on my way home from work a mother stopped her kid (large and talking so I estimate the child was about 3) on a bridge, pulled down her pants and let her pee. Now I know when you gotta go you gotta go, but in the middle of a footpath on a bridge? When you could walk for 30 seconds more and use a toilet? When you could turn around and walk for 10 seconds and pee behind a bush off the road? Just don’t get it. I looked at the mother with a look which was a concoction of shock and disapproval and she smiled and told the child she was great!

What age do you have to be for public urination to be unacceptable? 5? 10? 25? Why do some parents feel like they can do what they like just because they’ve a kid?

An incitement to ram?

17 06 2008

Baby on BoardI’ve never been much of a morning person- On a good day I might manage a couple of grunts or nods pre-10am. Driving to work this morning, bobbing and weaving between the non-indicating, kamakaze nose pickers, I was taken aback by the number of people sporting “baby on board” signs on their rear windows.

The driver of the baby-wagon in front of me captured my attention as she proceeded to crawl along the motorway, hugging the white line between two lanes as if a tram on a rail, delaying my progress significantly (I’m supposed to be almost at work by the time Newstalk’s Ger Gilroy starts talking sports!). I found myself staring at her “baby on board” sign with rage wondering what the frig was the point of it. Are you supposed to pause before ramming the car and reconsider your actions as..uh oh…there’s a baby on board? Or is it just another way for proud breeders to highlight their virility?…”yes that’s right WE have a baby and it’s in the car with us”. No, apparently the sign’s origins lie in urban legend….tragic car crash…signs put in place to alert rescue workers to the presence of a baby….mmm…still think their bad drivers way of detering agression!