Amy Winehouse under house arrest

3 07 2008

It’s a beautiful Irish Summer day. The sky is grey and I’m up to my ankles in rain water. It seems like it’s been raining non-stop for a week now. The only thing I’ve to remind me that the sun even exists is some unfortunate “farmers tan” lines on my arms and chest.

I’d to haul ass is the rain to work and was sitting at my desk resigned to my misery when I heard that Amy Winehouse is under house arrest.

For some reason…maybe because I’m the spawn of Satin…hearing of Winehouse’s misfortune cheered me up no end. It’s always reassuring to hear that, while you’re life may be depressing…at least you’re not Amy Winehouse.

Amy Winehouse at Mandela Concert

Apparently Amy’s managers had all they could take in recent days. She looked and sounded a right state at the Mandela Birthday Bash (see pic), punched a fan at Glastonbury (in fairness the dumbass touched her beehive!), called Kanye the big “C word” and then went out on the town and got herself properly wasted (against Doctors orders since she’s under treatment for emphysema). Her record label bosses have now confined her to her house and employed 24 hour security to ensure she doesn’t escape and hit the town.

There will also be a security guard outside the house to keep out undesirables (Pete Doherty that means you!). The powers that be have finally realised that Amy won’t go to no no…and she can’t/won’t clean up her act so their plan is to quarantine her so she can’t get drink/drugs and they can hopefully talk some sense into her. Good luck lads…ye’ll need it!



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