Bomb Scare at Dublin Gay Pride Festival

23 06 2008

So Dublin’s Annual Gay Pride Festival is all over bar some queens crying. What a pride festival it was too- a wondrous mix of fabulousness and drama diluted only by torrential downpours on Saturday.

The place to be on Friday night, if you are fighting in the Ellen DeGeneres corner was at the horrendously named “Dyke Night” (hate that word). It was a well handled by the event organisers with newbies to the Dublin scene invited to meet “Pride Volunteers” beforehand. There was a great vibe in the club and it was quickly evident that nothing gets a few hundred lesbians riled up like a pole-dancer and the Backstreet Boys….Ok so the pole-dancers are obvious, but the Backstreet Boys???

They were in fact the Dykes of Hazard…A group of students from DIT who began by miming a Backstreet Boys song for a laugh. These girls were without doubt a highlight of the night. They’ve perfected the BS Boys moves i.e. obligatory crotch grabbing, donned faux facial hair and baggy shirts and have now become a hit on the scene.

Unfortunately Saturday brought with it hangovers of monumental proportions. Just as we were contemplating heading to the parade, we realised that it was bucketing down rain. A pity for the organisers of the festival as attendance at the parade was significantly reduced.

On the Saturday night a group of us made our way to the Front Lounge. I was no sooner in the door when a guy gave me a sloppy kiss on the cheek and wished me “happy Pride”….a clear signal it would be a good night. However across town a few hundred revelers were given a sobering jolt when the George club was evacuated due to a bomb threat.

I realise there is probably a hoard of people hoping Delta Goodrem, who was on stage at the time, was at least maimed in this incident, however it was just a hoax. The club was emptied for 90 minutes and searched and the street blocked off as a precaution. So what about all the people “priding it up Dublin style”? Well to show that you can keep a good homo down, a gang of people started limbo dancing under the police tape….I only pray somebody captured this on video! Anyway no bomb was found, all the club goers got free drinks upon re-entry and the party continued. You have to wonder about the petty homophobe that called the threat in though. I hear karma can be a bitch.

Check out the Dykes of Hazard…hilarious..of course this video doesn’t do justice to a live performance with the gals being cheered on by hundreds of rowdy lesbians!



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24 06 2008

I doubt that it was a homophobe who made this faux threat. There was an almost 2 hour queue outside the George between about 9pm and 11pm. I would be quite unsurprised if the call was made by some embittered punter who didn’t get in. In fairness to those who stood outside for so long, it would have been more reasonable had the staff actually indicated to them that they were unlikely to gain entry for quite some time. Its certainly not a way to treat customers.

24 06 2008

Hey Laura….Really- a bitter punter? For some reason I find it more believable that it was some spoil-sport phoning it in….surely any cranky George fan would have just gone elsewhere. It was like a normal Saturday night- there was plenty on. I can’t imagine why anyone would queue outside for that long…surely not for Delta?!

Judging by your comments it sounds as if staff were overwhelmed by the crowds and they certainly didn’t handle it too well. However it was a good gesture to give drinks vouchers to the people when they were allowed back in.

29 06 2008
Lorna Geraghty

awww thanx for the great review girlies xxxx how cute r u xxx

check out our bebo

Love Andy from Dykes of Hazard (Lorna Geraghty) xxx

29 06 2008

Hey Lorna- no problem. Ye were great at Pride. Drop me a mail/comment when ye’ve another gig.

11 08 2008

Just to let you know the Dykes of hazard will be preforming at waterford pride on saturday the 16th aug 2008.
Hope to see ya!

18 12 2009
гей лесби знакомства

в конце концов: неподражаемо…

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